About the company

«INTERUNIS» Ltd. Co. was established under the auspices of NITSPV (Research Center of Surface and Vacuum Study) of the USSR State Standardization Committee in 1988 as a developer of nondestructive testing devices, automation means of industrial projects at enterprises of the fuel and energy complex, and social infrastructure.

In the process of the company’s development regional branches were opened: in 2005 – «INTERUNIS-URAL» (Yekaterinburg), in 2008 – an individual department in Kirovo-Chepetsk, in 2009 – a representative office of «INTERUNIS» Ltd. Co. in Volgograd, in 2011 - an individual department in Samara, in 2012 - an individual department in Ufa.

In 2012 a decision was taken about establishment of «INTERUNIS» group of companies. Vladimir G. Kharebov, the Laureate of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation for science and technology (2006), was elected the Chairman of the Board of Directors of «INTERUNIS» group of companies.

Presently the group of companies includes six bodies working in the field of nondestructive control and technical diagnostics.

«INTERUNIS» Co. has shown itself as the developer and the manufacturer of high quality and modern means of nondestructive control, as well as the staff of professionals capable of resolving the most complicated problems in the field of the tool-making industry and technical diagnostics.

Main activities of the Group of Companies:

  • expertise of industrial safety of dangerous production projects subordinate to Rostekhnadzor (Russian Technical Supervising Committee);
  • development and introduction of complex diagnostic and corrosion monitoring;
  • development and manufacture of acoustic and emission control;
  • scientific and applied research in the field of nondestructive control;
  • full cycle of works for increase of overhaul life of technological units at petrochemical and refinery productions along with receipt of a permit from Rostekhnadzor;
  • downhole oil production intensification.

The accumulated experience in solution to unique research, engineering and technological problems in the field of nondestructive control and technical diagnostics allowed us to win esteem and trust of consumers in various fields of industry, as well as to occupy one of the leading places among the world manufacturers of non-destructive control.

We’ll be glad to meet your company among our customers and partners.

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